Self-Enlightenment is a sacred journey. It is the journey upon which all human beings will ultimately embark. True Knowledge is always achieved through penetration. Something enters into us and becomes a part of us. When we attune to the ever-flowing fountain of perennial wisdom within us through specific meditation practices, we experience a re-birth and a spiritual awakening that transforms our lives in numerous and wonderful ways.

The Mystical Path gives you an intimate view of the Mystical Journey of Enlightenment and how this journey can benefit you in your daily life, your relationship with others, and in your world. You will step on the Mystical Path and learn specific spiritual meditative techniques that will accelerate your progress. You will also learn effective purification processes that will allow you to uncover and discard any self-limiting thoughts and negative emotions that continue to sabotage your desire and efforts for personal and spiritual accomplishment.

What you see in life depends upon which eyes you look through. Lifting your focus of vision from ordinary consciousness with all of its “ups” and “downs” to your higher and illumined mind allows your soul’s desires to be fulfilled. You experience a greater perspective and clarity of vision that allows you to make choices with discernment and wisdom. Learning to see through your Divine Eye, the single eye of Oneness, grants you the experience of partaking in the joy and beauty of both your physical world and the world of Spirit. This knowledge and understanding continually inspires you to seek even greater depths and heights of ascended consciousness.

The Mystical Path Course includes the following:

  • Mystical Path of Self-Enlightenment
  • A Deeper Look at Your Spiritual Purpose
  • Ego and your Immortal Self
  • Forces of Resistance at work in our world today
  • Higher Dimensions of Mind
  • Purification and Ascension
  • Specific Processes to Purify Self-limiting Thoughts and feelings
  • Specific Processes for attunement with Higher & Illumined Dimensions of Mind
  • Meditation Techniques
  • States of Samadhi and Oneness with God
  • Specific Meditation Techniques to awaken your Mystical Body
  • The Divine Eye in The Sky of The Heart
  • Spiritual tools that enhance Self-Realization

Length of course – 4 Weeks
Tuition $149
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Prerequisite: None

We are very pleased, humbled, and most blessed by the gifts Spirit has given to all of us in form of our beautiful Sanctuary and this unique opportunity to bring these new and exciting teachings to you and to the world. It is our fervent hope that you will be able to participate in these unparalleled new opportunities for personal spiritual growth and enlightenment. If you wish to enroll in the Self Enlightenment Correspondence Course, please register online or send inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In Love and Light
Patricia Hayes
Director of Education
University of Self Knowledge