Sandra Griffin – Canada

"Thank you so much for the excellent course. I hope there are more to follow. There is no greater transformation than that which takes place between the caterpillar and the butterfly. In the same way a miraculous transformation has occurred inside my heart. There is a deep, mystical transformation reflected in the heart qualities I now emanate for others. These heart qualities are clarity, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, harmony and joy. As a Spiritual Initiate, I reflect this change through compassionate action. It is not a requirement to 'do' something. It is a natural emanation of my being. Ego's grasping has loosened its grip and in its place is clarity of being - being in the midst of the world's hustle and bustle and focusing on the view of highest perception.

Again thank-you. Love,"

Sandra Griffin - Canada

Norin Thomas – West Indies

"One key transformation that I have noticed is trust in me and my vision. Most times when I see symbols in visions I would know what it represents. These symbols would help me get a lot of self knowledge and also to be cautious. My daily meditations have helped the visions to flow freely. I can sit and contemplate on anything and I will get the right answer. My self confidence has grown. I feel that most of my fears have been eliminated. I was very much afraid of this life especially with all the violence going on but now I am at peace with myself and have much appreciation for this life. I also feared being alone at home and now I feel that I live in total calm. I love being alone and enjoy the power of silence and solitude. I feel that I have now reconciled feelings of resentment to some persons in my life. The act of forgiveness has brought about this transformation. I also used to live in anxiety and worry about making ends meet. I have now learnt to appreciate whatever I have and know that I will always be taken care of by the Divine."

Norin Thomas – West Indies

Jeannine McSorley – South Carolina

"The transformations that have taken place as a result of my purification and ascension work are vast. I have a strong spiritual toolbox from which to work with in my day to day life. This is essential and has been life changing for me. I desperately sought Divine connection outside of myself for years and this course has helped me to see that it was always within myself and has helped me to tap into it. Through our daily meditations and confirmations of what we receive, we have been given valuable tools to do just that.


Steve Sloan – Ohio

"I feel I’ve gained so much freedom, to know my Soul, to know my little ego self, to bring them together in Light. I understand how much work I have to do toward my Enlightenment, to extend my Self with Love into my world and for all those whose lifetime I share. I’m happier now with my life and myself than I have ever been. I accept my weaknesses, accept my little ego self, feel the oneness of my Soul, and know the power of giving and receiving Love. Thank you for all of these teachings, I look forward to continuing my growth. Love,"

Steve Sloan - Ohio