The Mystical Path
The Mystical Path 4 weeks $149

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Self-Enlightenment Initiates Training

Purification and Transformation I 6 weeks $299 Upon completion of both courses: Certification of Completion in Initiates Training.

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Purification and Transformation II 6 weeks $299  

Self-Enlightenment Advanced Training

Purification and Ascension I 6 weeks $349

Upon completion of both courses; Certification of Completion in Advanced Initiates Training and Initiation as Spiritual Initiate

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Purification and Ascension II 6 weeks $349  
Self-Enlightenment Eternal Way Intensive Training
Initiation of Water 5 weeks $275

Upon completion of Initiates, Advanced Initiates and Eternal Way Intensive Training:
*Certification of Completion in Eternal Way Training
*Initiation as Illuminati

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Initiation of Fire 6 weeks $349  
Initiation of Air 6 weeks $349  
Initiation of Earth 7 day intensive $750 plus food & lodging  

Self-Enlightenment Initiates Training, Advanced Training and Eternal Way courses are offered through our Correspondence Program.