The Mystical Path
The Mystical Path 4 weeks $149

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Self-Enlightenment Initiates Training

Purification and Transformation I 6 weeks $299 Upon completion of both courses: Certification of Completion in Initiates Training.

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Purification and Transformation II 6 weeks $299  

Self-Enlightenment Advanced Training

Purification and Ascension I 6 weeks $349

Upon completion of both courses; Certification of Completion in Advanced Initiates Training and Initiation as Spiritual Initiate

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Purification and Ascension II 6 weeks $349  
Self-Enlightenment Eternal Way Intensive Training
Initiation of Water 5 weeks $275

Upon completion of Initiates, Advanced Initiates and Eternal Way Intensive Training:
*Certification of Completion in Eternal Way Training
*Initiation as Illuminati

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Initiation of Fire 6 weeks $349  
Initiation of Air 6 weeks $349  
Initiation of Earth 7 day intensive $750 plus food & lodging  

Self-Enlightenment Initiates Training, Advanced Training and Eternal Way Initiation of Water, Initiation of Fire and Initiation of Air and courses are offered through our Correspondence Program.

Eternal Way- Initiation of Earth is an Intensive Training Workshop and Graduation and Initiation Ceremony that is held exclusively at Delphi University in McCaysville, GA, high in the Blue Ridge Mountains where the states of Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina meet on the map.